Advisory Services

We know that blockchain technology is still a fairly new concept for most people out there — and continues to be challenging for veterans in the space. We offer the following services to help companies that are on the blockchain journey:

Advisory Services

Our local team of experts advises blockchain startups as well as established companies considering using blockchain technology.

Services include:

  • Blockchain Consulting

  • Serving on our Advisory Board

  • Technology Assessment

  • RFP Response Assistance

  • Strategic Initiatives & Implementation

  • Education around talking points & presentations

Our professionals:


Ali Sarafzadeh

Chief Ecosystem Officer for Trace

Ali is currently Chief Ecosystem Officer for Trace, an AgriTech blockchain company based in Burlington, Vermont. Ali is an expert in regulatory IT solutions that connect the complex ecosystems of users, regulators and data consumers common to modern government tech.

Prior to this, Ali served as Chief Product Officer of a national government IT solutions provider, Director of International Trade for the State of Vermont and as Assistant General Counsel of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs in Washington, DC


John Burton

President of Stormseye Associates LLC

John has an advanced technology consulting firm in South Burlington. He has over 30 years of experience helping executives with technology and security budgeting, planning and execution. He is the Chair of Distributed Ledger Governance Association where he helps recruit and facilitate Blockchain pilots throughout Vermont.  He is also working with the Vermont Futures Project to foster business growth through innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a Certified Blockchain Expert by the Blockchain Council and holds a bachelor and master’s degree from the University of Vermont.



CEO & Co-Founder of Reconciled, an online bookkeeping firm based in Burlington, VT

Michael’s interest in Blockchain grew as he saw learned how disruptive the technology is to the accounting industry. As Intuit's 2018 US Firm of the Future, Michael has positioned Reconciled to be a leader in the online accounting industry and has a vision to see more Vermonters participate in the blockchain revolution. Michael is a Blockchain Certified Expert with the Blockchain Council and has an MBA from Babson College.


Marketing Services

Whether you are a blockchain company or a service provider interested in marketing to the blockchain space in Vermont, we understand the content creation strategy needed to market successfully in this niche.

Marketing Services

Our local team of experts advises blockchain startups and as well as established companies considering using blockchain technology. on how to market in this space.

Services include:

  • Content & Marketing Consulting

  • Content Creation including blog, email, digital advertising and print

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Presentation Design 

Our professionals:



Owner of Foundation.Studio, a persona research & digital marketing firm

Emily works with companies to gather insights from their customers to align and effectively implement marketing strategies. She specializes in content strategy, digital advertising, analytics, persona research, and design. With Emily's background in business development, design, and entrepreneurship has allowed her to have a holistic approach to creating marketing strategies for clients. Emily has long been an advocate for entrepreneurs and technology-driven companies in Vermont.


Owner of Katie Taylor Writing, a content strategy and development firm based in Richmond, VT

Katie writes about finance, law and technology for companies throughout the United States. She creates content that captures the complexity and intrigue of new trends while remaining accessible to the average reader. Katie has a background as a lobbyist and program director focused on Vermont businesses and entrepreneurs and holds a law degree from George Washington University.


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