Improving Blockchain Governance - Interview with the DLGA

Ryan Munn, blockchain enthusiast and host of Interchain Live, interviewed some of the leaders of a recently created association — the Distributed Ledger Governance Association.

Here’s what Jeremy Friesen, the Executive Director of the DLGA, had to say about its origin.

“Through my interaction with the regulators and stakeholders, Vermont seemed like the perfect jurisdiction in a lot of ways. DLGA was formed really out of what we see as a necessity in the space right now — a place where businesses, startups with great ideas, can work and collaborate with the government and with stakeholders to actually execute and prove the technology in the wild, so to speak, and through that process help to form what should be standards and help educate regulators and the government on what rules and statutes should be changed — like with captive insurance — to really create a better jurisdiction for this nascent industry to really form but also make the correct steps to protect the different constituents, whether it be the shareholders, the consumers, the entrepreneurs.”

Emily McMahon